Shabby to Chic: Five Ways to Revamp and Modernize Your Shabby Chic Room

Shabby Chic is a style where fabrics and furnishings are chosen for their age or appearance of age. Furniture is often painted and distressed and fabrics are typically soft cottons or linens with traditional patterns. The color palette is often described as bleached or faded, using whites and muted pastels. It is a soft, feminine and romantic style.

While it can be wonderful and inviting style, you may be tired of your Shabby Chic room. Read these tips for ways to reuse some of those Shabby Chic elements in a new and exciting way!

1. Paint the Walls: Chances are your Shabby Chic space has soft walls – something like white, beige, or a pale pastel like butter yellow. Instead, use a bold, saturated color from one of the fabric patterns in the room. For instance, if you have a floral pattern with a white background in the room, choose a vibrant pink or green found in that fabric. Using color on the walls in a dramatic and unexpected way will instantly transform the space.

2. Repaint Your Painted Furniture: Most Shabby Chic painted furniture is also a soft color, like white or a pale pastel, with a distressed finish. Painting the furniture in a solid, non-distressed way will immediately make it feel less cottage and more modern. Take it a step further and paint the furniture in a bold or unexpected color. A glossy finish is also a really fun way to modernize a Shabby Chic piece.

3. Change Your Fabrics: Traditionally, Shabby Chic fabrics have an English garden feel, many with delicate and pretty floral patterns in whites, pinks and greens. Replace the fabric in the room with a bold, modern print to instantly change the feel of the space. For example, replace a traditional English rose pattern with a graphic print in the same colors, like a Marimekko Unikko floral, and the room will feel bright, cheerful and modern.

4. Recover Your Upholstered Pieces: Shabby Chic upholstery is characterized by loose, soft styling. Most pieces are slipcovered with skirts, sometimes even with ruffles, that give them a very feminine quality. As a starting point, try to simply remove the slipcover to reveal the shape of the piece underneath. This will give you an idea of how a more tailored upholstery style will look. Recovering the piece in a tailored manor will feel much more transitional.

5. Go Nautical: Painted and distressed furniture transitions very well into a nautical or beach style. Reuse your painted pieces as they are mixed with more beachy fabrics and décor. Replace Shabby Chic fabrics with bold nautical stripes and vintage light fixtures for more simple, streamlined chandeliers and lamps.

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Keep parts or your Shabby Chic décor and replace others to create an entirely new look and feel. Use these tips to reinvent your Shabby Chic space for a fresh new look you’ll love!

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